Here are some of the issues we are aware of and how to get around them:

*Log in using two or more Facebook accounts on the same device.
    – Do the following: Log out of your Beauty Matcher account, Log out of the Facebook App, and Log out of Facebook within a browser.

*When clicking “Sign In” it doesn’t do anything.
    – You most likely aren’t connected to the internet. Double check your connection and see if you can go to other websites through a browser.

*When I uploaded my post it didn’t include a picture.
    – If it is showing a grey image in place of the image then you can delete the image and re-upload it.

    – If it is showing an empty space and is causing the app to crash when you click on it then please Contact Us to let us know about the issue. Include your username along with the Date and Time that the post was created. We will then get it deleted from the system.