So we have been dying for Tuesday to roll around. D-Y-I-N-G, we tell you! Our True Beauty feature today had us laughing at her candid humor and view of life. She is simply… well … wonderful. Like, you know, the type of wonderful where you actually consider moving somewhere close to her so you can meet up for lunch and just be entertained with her wit. Some would consider that stalkerish though, so we’ll refrain.

Amy Jo is the owner of Evadette Boutique, an online apparel store. You may have noticed that we featured them a few days back. So, naturally we were really excited when we realized we’d get the opportunity to know Amy Jo a little better. When we asked her what true beauty means to her her immediate answer involved family.

Tell us about true beauty within your relationship to your husband.

Amy & Carlo's Wedding Day.
Amy Jo & Carlo’s Wedding Day.

“Oh my Gosh my husband. Carlo is dreamy.  I’m talking d-r-e-a-m-y.  No one makes me feel beautiful like he does.  He sees past all of my flaws.  He pays no attention to the Mommy marks from pregnancy or the 3 day old hair…he just sees me.  We are best friends.  No one makes me laugh like my husband.  God blessed me with an amazing man who reminds me of my worth EVERYDAY.  I remember back when we were dating… we were out to coffee and Carlo was oogling my face.  I blushed and asked “what he was staring at…” I will never forget this…he said, “You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  You have the most beautiful Ivory skin.  It’s perfect.  I love your skin.” It seems so simple but it meant the WORLD.  Up until that day I always HATED my “pasty” color.  My husband made me love it!  In fact, so much so, I refused to tan outside or in a salon prior to my wedding day.  I remembered that he cherished this trait and I wanted to be my beautiful Ivory-colored self as we said our vows.”


Why did you pick a picture of your family to represent true beauty?

“Family: The people who make you feel like your making it when you are so incredibly NOT.  I love my family.  I love that my husband can pretend that Macaroni and Cheese is a sufficient healthy choice dinner because LOOK, I ADDED PEAS TO IT! I love the literal high-five and chest bump that my

Amy & Carlo's family.
Amy & Carlo’s family.

husband and I routinely perform when the kids are in bed at night and we realize “well well well…look who just kept two small people alive for one more day!” But seriously, there is something so amazingly beautiful and wonderful about being a part of a family.  Without fail, I have people that I can go to for prayer, for an uplifting word, for a good laugh.  I have people who are ready and willing to lend an ear, 2 legs and 2 arms if your moving (thanks Dad) and LOVE, endless love. But it’s not just about take…in my family we GIVE. I have people that I GET to serve.  I get to express my love with a hot meal and snuggles to my Children. I get to encourage and listen to my Husband. I get to give my time literally and spititually.  I can help take care of my special needs brother, pray for my college bound sister…offer my PERFECT TOP NOTCH PARENTING WISDOM. *(seriously, when in doubt…add PEAS.) I get to be a part of a beautiful group of crazy, loud, loving and caring people.  What a blessing!

” Okay, lets me real here….I’m fairly certain that no one is looking at this photo of my yanked on face and thinking “HOLY MOTHER OF HOTNESS!!” My depiction of True Beauty has changed A LOT since evadetteboutique2Motherhood.  Prior to kids – I wouldn’t have been caught DEAD outside of my home without makeup on, or without my cute little teased pony-tail.  Nowadays I praise myself for putting on pants, pants ladies! This simple task is a tough one for me, but its praise worthy.  I am a wife. I am a Mom.  I am a business owner. There is this insane pressure to keep up with the cute Mom’s and to stay on trend (I own a fashion boutique for crying out loud!) There have been times where I have really let it get to me.  But wait! – fast forward to today, my 2 year old Ezra is just becoming old enough to express love and appreciation.  He doesn’t see the lashes I spent hours putting on…He isn’t phased by the fresh mani.  The kid doesn’t even care if I brush my teeth! (I do btw, lets make that clear) My kids think I’m beautiful! And that’s EMPOWERING! I have two children who want to grab, squeeze and smooch this makeup-less face to death.  Excuse me a moment while I wipe some tears (just the thought makes me so emotional).  I AM BEAUTIFUL TO THEM! Maybe not to the UPS guy, or the pizza delivery boy but who stinken cares?! My Ezra is IN LOVE!”

In what relationship do you feel the most truly beautiful?

“You know what relationship makes me truly feel the most beautiful??? That I am a daughter of the King.  That my God created me perfectly in his image.  That he placed every freckle and blemish right THERE, and ope…one THERE, and a few over HERE.  He loves me.  He calls me His own.  I am beautifully, fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.  I have purpose as a Wife, Mother and Friend…but ONLY because He gave me that purpose.  Without Him I am NOTHING.  It’s crazy to believe that God is truely CAPTIVATED by me.  Just me, just this normal house Mom.  He sees so much more in me. In His eyes, I am His beautiful daughter.  He lovingly looks at me the way that I look at my Children…but to the MILLIONTH DEGREE!  THAT is amazing.”

Can you see why this Tuesday couldn’t come soon enough. Amy, can we be social media besties?











True Beauty Tuesday – Amy w/ Evadette Boutique