Karen & Kenny Armstrong are the owners of Chankklas – the sweetest baby and children sandals ever made.

Karen and Kenny, Chankklas Owners

We asked Karen what True Beauty means to her. Her words are wonderful.

“I think beauty can be found in many different and unique ways. I’ve always loved to travel and have always been curious to see how different cultures portray beauty.

“For me personally, I’ve found that genuine beauty comes when we learn to love (ourselves and others) for who we really are- recognizing the special and uniqueness in our stronger suits, but even so from our not so favorite traits. I think kindness has so much to do with beauty, with the way we make people feel and the impact it has in our lives.

“I love being a wife! My happiest moments and accomplishments can most certainly be traced back to Kenny. Both our parents say we always had this sense of restlessness before we found each other. He’s been such a crucial piece in finding my own beauty and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I feel at such a rest with him, we know each other without make-up and without filters. I think it truly comes down to love. A love that nurtures who you are and encourages you to go out to the world with your best self and making your dreams their own. Hopefully we can all give a little bit of that love to others around us!”

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True Beauty Tuesday – Chankklas
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