You know those people that you see on a blog, or Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever, and you think to yourself, I bet you they are really nice. They seem totally cool. Well, that was us when we did a mini Instagram stalk of Alex Beall from The Darling Downtown blog. And we are pleased to say that she is just as nice and cool as she appears. So without further rambling from us, we present to you Alex Beall as our True Beauty Feature!

You and your boyfriend are so cute! What is the true beauty within your relationship?
Alex and her "other half" at Disney World.
Alex and her “other half” at Disney World.

Thank you! We always have the most fun together. We’re both very quirky and love to laugh. We often talk about when we first met and how we were both very upfront with each other about who we were. We were honest from the start and didn’t hide parts of our personalities and I think that’s helped make our relationship as strong as it is. This picture is from our recent trip to Walt Disney World (we share a CRAZY love for Disney), and it reminds me that it IS possible to find someone who loves and accepts you just as you are. To me, that is the true beauty in our relationship.

You come from a large family. Love it! What true beauty characteristics did you develop growing up? Why those characteristics?
Coming from a large, close knit family you learn a few things quickly, but the most important is patience.

Alex's Family
Alex’s Family

There are times when my family drives me crazy, but I know I’ve done the same to them. You also innately learn to take pride in their successes, you hurt with them during failures, and heaven help anyone who hurts or picks on them. The truly beautiful thing that comes from family is knowing you have a group of people that love you unconditionally and will be in your corner when you need them most.

Tell me about building a storage facility for the children’s center. It sounds really neat. Why did you pick that picture to represent true beauty?
A few years back I had the honor of being a mentor for middle and high school students in my hometown. This particular picture is one I take great pride in. I think true beauty is taking the time to help those less fortunate than you are and that’s what these students did. They gave up a week of their Summer vacation to help build a storage facility for a

Beauty in Service
Beauty in Service

children’s shelter that served as a haven for children affected by drug abuse in their homes. With all of the negativity we sometimes see about their generation, this serves as a reminder that there are really good kids out there that want to make a difference.

What is your next big adventure in Nashville and how does it represent true beauty?
This picture of Nashville is more symbolic than anything. In a month I’ll be moving to Nashville away from the home I’ve known for 25 years and as scary as it is, I also see the beauty in it. There’s beauty in a city with new opportunities, new things to do, new friends to meet, and new memories to be made. That’s my next big adventure and I can’t wait to see all of the beauty that comes from it!
And that, everyone, is Alex. One of the things that stood out about her is how she finds true beauty in a variety of ways. For her, it comes down to loved ones, nature, service, and a new phase of life.
Alex, my dear, you are truly beautiful! (Yes, we are cheesy over here at Beauty Matcher. 😉 )
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