Eek! It’s Wednesday! Ok. Ok. That in itself might not be that exciting, but we (and a much of fantastic bloggers) have an AMAZING Instagram giveaway headed your way tonight. So tune into our Instagram page (@beautymatcher_app) at 7 pm MST to get in on all the goodness!

Alycia Grayce

Today is also Utah Wednesday. Sweet Beans! Hallelujah! We are actually going to be featuring two people today. The first is Alycia Grayce with the Crowley Party blog. She’s always using color in her looks without it being overwhelming. Go check her out! She’s way fun!

Our second feature goes to a lovely MUA. She creates beautiful looks and we love her to pieces!! Coming from a family of all girls, makeup is sure to be played with.

Allison Draper & Blush Photography
Allison Draper & Blush Photography
Utah Wednesday – Alycia Grayce & Allison Draper